Silk Flowers – Then And Now

Artificial flowers have been around for many decades and have been created using various types of paper & fabric.

The worst creation to date has been the massively unpopular “Plastic” range which plummeted the reputation of artificial flowers to an unthinkable low and unfortunately remains in most minds today especially at the mention of the words “fake flowers” or “plastic flowers”. A lot has changed since the invention of plastic flowers, the quality & authenticity of silk flowers today far surpasses all of its previous creations and have fast become an exceptional alternative to its fresh counterpart with a lot more Decorators, Designers, Architects and Florists using them to add an extra touch of beauty and elegance to interiors that is also very low maintenance and leaves lasting impressions.

To keep up with the growing trends and high demands, Silk by Design is proud to specialize in only the most authentic looking silk flowers, replica trees, and plants. Holding a range that’s unmatched in its variety and quality by far.