Our Message

Style should be effortless.

Brief History

Silk by Design is a family owned business and was started by Sue McNair, who remains a Director today, in 1998 in Durban, South Africa. Throughout our history of trading, we have solidified our position as the market leader in quality and service in our industry. We distribute our products locally as well as export to Africa, Australia, the UK, and Europe.


We pride ourselves on our workmanship and our attention to detail. Our team of in-house florists, lead by our Head Florist Albertina Nzuzu, are passionate about their craft and love to see the reactions that their arrangements can uncover in our customers.

In addition, through our sales department, lead by Debbie Chetty and Rochelle Pillay, we aim to ensure that our customers receive service that lives up to the quality of our products.

Every member of growing our team plays a vital role in the success of the company, taking responsibility for their work and finding value in their contribution.


We aim to set local and international trends while still appreciating and being inspired by the art and design of others, local and international. We achieve this by continuously striving to stay relevant, casting our view far and wide to appreciate the beautiful artistry of others.


We second the quote by Charles Eames, “the details are not the details. They make the design” and we believe that true beauty lies within diversity.