Tis the Season to deck the halls with silk flowers!!!

Silk Flowers a Huge Trend this Christmas!!! The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of a home, during the festive season. Let me be honest with you, for years all I did was open Christmas ornament boxes, pile up the Christmas tree, take a step back, and wonder, should a Christmas tree look like this? I had no plan, no color scheme, just boxes of stuff that I collected over the years. My very embarrassing Christmas tree is what stopped me from having friends and family over for dinner parties during the festive period. After quite a few years of putting up a horrendous looking tree, I finally could not take the embarrassment any longer. I started educating myself on Christmas decorating. I looked at videos and images online to inspire me and mimic the latest designs and trends.

This year silk flowers are taking over Christmas. Silk floral Christmas decorations are becoming a huge trend, and we are not just talking about poinsettias, this trend has us swopping red bulbs for red roses, and we may never go back. Whether you opt for roses, magnolia, peonies, amaryllis or lilies they’re sure to make a splash on your tree this year.

The added flowers provide a soft and gorgeous touch to the dark green or white fir of the Christmas tree. This silk flower aesthetic is a contemporary take, on the stars and balls we’re accustomed to seeing, proving that unconventional decorations can revive holiday traditions. Silk By Designs flowers will bring vibrant colour to your Christmas tree in a way that ornaments can’t.

Here are 5 fabulous Silk Flower decorated trees that I have found on the internet, to help you feel inspired!


#1 Silk Flower Christmas Tree

Silk Flowers for decorating Christmas treesImage Source – Anders Krusberg


#2 Silk Flower Christmas Tree

Image Source – Unknown



#3 Silk Flower Christmas Tree

Silk Flowers for Christmas Tree Decorating Image Source – Delia Creates



#4 Silk Flower Christmas Tree

Image Source – Unknown


#5 Silk Flower Christmas Tree

Image Source -Elan Cafe

Have a look at our range of silk flower stems that you could add to your tree this Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

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