Floral trends for 2017

If you are looking for some inspiration on what blooms to feature at your wedding; party; office or hotel, we have some inspiration for you.

What’s trending in 2017?


With so many beautiful varieties, they are so versatile and very popular this year.

Hanging arrangements

They are growing in popularity, especially for weddings and events, and they are a great way to free up table space for more food!

Red wine hues

Blooms in burgundy and red wine colours are popular options for wedding and bridal party bouquets.

Tropical flowers and foliage

Colourful, exotic picks are making a comeback in bouquets and arrangements. We can expect to see plenty of designs featuring Orchids; Bougainvillea; Elephant ears and Caladium foliage.

Greenery displays

Simple arrangements featuring elegant greenery are becoming more popular. Brides are opting for budget-friendly foliage.

Heirloom flowers

Believe it or not, blooms once referred to as “filler flowers”, like Mums and Carnations are becoming a go-to choice for florists and brides.

Dusty roses

The muted, grayish hue referred to as “dusty rose” is most sought after this year.


Happy decorating with these beautiful blooms!