Heirloom flowers are back!

What exactly is an Heirloom flower?

An Heirloom is defined as a plant that is open-pollinated, they are pollinated by insects, hummingbirds, or the wind & the resulting seed will produce plants that are identical to the parent plant. Their colours are often soft & subdued but they are counterbalanced by the bold fragrances. Examples of Heirloom flowers are Zinnias; Carnations; Chrysanthemums; Antique Roses; Hydrangea; Sweet Pea & Lilac.
Heirlooms are popular because…
– For many, they are sentimental. They are plants that your mother or grandmother grew & those scents will forever take you down memory lane.
– They are generally larger & more fragrant, attracting important pollinators such as hummingbirds, butterflies, & honey bees.
– Identical to their parent plant & have origins dating back to 50 years or more.
– Popular for their colour, reliability & long-term performance.
– Pest & disease resistant.

We have some gorgeous Heirloom arrangements & loose stems available in our showroom, be sure to pop by & see our gorgeous blooms!

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