Vertical Gardens

What is a Vertical Garden? It is only one of the biggest growing trends in urban landscaping. It's a new and interesting way to grow a garden. A vertical garden is growing a garden in a vertical space such as a wall and any other bare structure rising from the floor or the ground. It can be as s…

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Heirloom flowers are back!

What exactly is an Heirloom flower? An Heirloom is defined as a plant that is open-pollinated, they are pollinated by insects, hummingbirds, or the wind & the resulting seed will produce plants that are identical to the parent plant. Their colours are often soft & subdued but they are cou…

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Welcoming in Winter with Proteas

We think featuring an arrangement of our gorgeous Proteas or even a single Protea in a glass vase will lift your spirits and warm up your home or office space this Winter. Come around to our showroom, and we will help you transform your space this Winter! Click here to view our various Prot…

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