Silk By Design Showcase


This year, Silk By Design will be hosting standalone showcase events in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town,

which will feature new products and our latest designs. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever done before, and can’t wait for you to see it.

Our showcases will feature:

  • Our latest silk flowers and floral arrangement designs.
  • Trees, plants, greens, containers, and vertical gardens.
  • Friendly members of our team, ready to answer any questions you might have.
  • A guaranteed discount of 5% on all orders placed in person, at any of the showcase events.

To ensure that we are mindful of social distancing guidelines, be sure to book a timeslot with us below in order to attend.

Bookings are available at 20-minute intervals, but you’re welcome to stay as long as you like.

Hope to see you there!

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Architects guide to vertical gardens

In this Architects guide to Vertical Gardens, we’ll provide all the information required by architects, interior designers, decorators, and DIY enthusiasts, on the design and installation of a Silk by Design artificial Vertical Garden. See how our designs can add natural style to any dull and boring wall.



Silk by Design offer several standard designs, from a plain Boxwood, to different planted greenery options, to gardens planted with orchids and flowers.



Architects guide to vertical gardens



Architects guide to vertical gardens


Architects guide to vertical gardens


green wall

Any of the available styles can be customised, depending on the requirements of the space, as well as what plants are available and in stock at any given time.  All of our vertical garden options are priced per m², as this is the standard panel size, but once an order is confirmed the vertical garden will be custom built to fit any space. We’ve built vertical gardens as small as 20cm wide by 2m tall, right up to gardens that are 4m wide & 9m tall.


While there isn’t a single right answer when it comes to choosing the style that’s right for your space, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, our Artificial Vertical Gardens are designed primarily for indoor use. While some limited outdoor use is possible, such as on covered patios, we do not recommend the product for areas exposed to the weather or excessive direct sunlight.

The other thing to consider is the size of the space you’ll be working in. Do you want to cover a whole wall from floor to ceiling? Artificial vertical gardens look great covering a large wall that runs the entire width of a building. Or if you don’t want to cover the whole wall, you can also use customized shelves and racks to create unique shapes.

You have many choices when it comes to designing your artificial vertical garden, you can choose from neat designer box with silk plants, floating shelves with repetitive plants or full mixed plants.

It’s important to choose the plants and style structures that will help create the atmosphere you want.



You may be wondering whether it will be easy to install your Vertical Garden, before going ahead and purchasing. Well, the simple answer is yes, installation is straight forward and doesn’t require any specialised tools or equipment.

For larger commercial projects, most shopfitters will be more than capable of installing the Vertical Gardens. And for smaller projects, a handyman or DIY enthusiast should do the trick.

In simple terms, installation involves fixing the already planted Vertical Garden panels to a wall or structure. While specifics will differ depending on whether you are attaching to a brick wall, drywalling or timber, or a custom-built frame, generally all that is required is drill, electric screwdriver, and some screws.

Because the panels are all pre-planted and pre-cut. All that is required is following the layout provided by us, and making sure the panels are securely fixed in place.

green wall


We are more than happy to quote and advise on the best options for your, or your client’s space. We would suggest that you provide us with the proposed dimensions as well as a drawing or picture of the space where possible, to allow us to give you the best possible advice.

You should also check out some of our existing designs here, as well as some of the other available plants and greenery that can be used in the garden here, which will give you an idea of the design options possible.

If you need any more info, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0315691446 or via our online contact form.

We hope you found all the advice needed in this Architects guide to Vertical Gardens and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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In conversation with Albertina Nzuza

In conversation with Albertina Nzuza.  Albertina Nzuza was born on the 2nd June 1968, in the Eastern Cape.  Brought up by her mother and granny, who both taught her to run life’s race with passion and devotion.  In an attempt to make something great out of her life,  Albertina had therefore chosen to leave the Eastern Cape to search for employment in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. 

I managed to pull Albertina our head florist, out of her very busy schedule, to find out a little more about her. 

So Albertina, the question we all waiting to hear is, how did you start working at Silk By Design?

Well, I have always had a strong passion for flowers, floristry, and floral arrangements. From quite a young age, I started working for many florists in Durban.  In 1999 I had worked for a flower shop in Musgrave, it was at this time I had seen the advert placed in the newspaper by Silk by design, who was in search of a florist.  I had jumped at the opportunity and applied immediately.  Once I joined Silk By Design, I never wanted to leave.  I now have been here for 19 years.

I know that you had a passion for floristry, but how did you actually get into becoming a silk flower florist? 

We first started working with silk plants and greenery, and then saw an opportunity for offering customers silk flower arrangements.  Customers were intrigued by the designs and were open to replacing their fresh flowers with silk flowers. Since then we have not turned back.

Whilst in conversation with Albertina Nzuza, I asked her, what her favourite part of being a florist was?  She responded saying:  

I enjoy creating new designs every day.  It really makes me so happy to see a finished product, and envision them at a hotel, on someone’s cozy lounge, or dining area.

What is your favourite flower?

I love the beauty of a phalaenopsis white stem.  There is just something about its delicateness.

How did you develop your signature style?

Style comes with a lot of experience in other words, it is something that is developed over a period of time.  If there is a vase and a bunch of flowers in front of me, I can arrange them beautifully without even putting too much thought into it.  Arranging flowers have become second nature to me.

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I get a lot of inspiration from our director Susan McNair.  She has always led us in the right direction in terms of style.  We use magazines and television as well to influence our designs.  It’s always important to use these designs as inspiration to keep up with trends however, it’s also as important to use our own fresh style.

This is your chance to brag, so how many arrangements do you think you could do in a day?

It really depends on the type of arrangement it is.  If it’s a simple arrangement, for instance, I could do up to 90 arrangements.

Which do you prefer working with, flowers or plants?

Definitely Flowers.

What are your career highlights? 

It was really a joy to be featured on television and see our arrangements now and again in the media.

What is the biggest challenge in the floral industry?

The industry is highly concentrated.  There are too many people trying to do silk flowers.   We have luckily always stayed on top of things and outdone our competitors.  Silk By Design has always produced world-class, quality arrangements, as a result, we have always stood way above all our competitors locally and internationally.

That’s a wrap of my interview with Albertina Nzuza.  In conclusion, Albertina has the ability to bring artificial flowers to life. She gently manipulates them and almost breathes life into them. This is a natural talent and is hard to find as an employer.  In addition, have look at some of Albertina’s floral designs. 


Roberta Govender – Silk By Design Marketing


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Greenery has made huge waves in the home interior industry.

Greenery has made huge waves in the home interior industry. If you find yourself paging through an interior design magazine, you will see there is greenery everywhere, from green fronds trailing across shelves, jungle-sized plants bursting from corners, and succulents living on coffee tables. Although silk flower arrangements will always remain a perfect addition to your home setting, adding artificial greenery is a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in, as it adds softness, texture, fullness, and vibrant color to your home.   Silk By Design offers a limitless choice of greenery to suit your home style.  Check out some of our favourite ways to fill a home with greenery.

  1. Leaves in a Vase

Make a bold statement by decorating your home with lush green leaves in a clear vase.  For many, a vase filled with fillers seems weird but somehow the leaf trend works.  Pinterest reports that interest in single leaf displays is up by 136 percent since last year.  I love these leaves as a simple centerpiece for dinner a party, a wedding, or just as a table topper. You can’t go wrong with leaves in a vase to give your home that modern fresh touch.


Hanging Plants

One of our favourite plant styling techniques is hanging plants.  Plant hangers are a great way to make your space visually appealing, break up a room’s dynamics, and keep your plants away from pets or children.  We selected some of my favourite hanging designs from our collection to share inspiration with you!



  1. Succulents

If you’ve been following what’s trending in home decor, you probably noticed that succulents are still one of the most requested plants for the home. These exotic and beautiful creatures have been used everywhere from the patio, on the table, kitchen counters, or in the windowsills, succulents are everywhere. These luscious plants are nothing new, but their prevalence in home décor seems to be a trend that we really love.


Palm Trees

Decorating your home with palm trees has been one of this year’s biggest interior trends, and for a good reason. Not only do palm trees look great in your home, but they also make your interiors feel light and fresh. Use palm trees for an eye-catching feature in your living room. Tropical palm trees have also been a big trend.  Whether you choose to add a small, medium or large, artificial palm tree to your home, it will make a fashion statement.  PLM-ARECA-120CM --w---90cm-x-h---120cm

Evergreen Art

Add Evergreen art to your home wall, it will add that much needed dash of greenery that you need. Evergreen Art displays greenery beautifully in a wooden frame.  These plants are put together to create a colourful plant artwork tapestry. Evergreen art is loved by many for its texture and vibrant colour and is sure to create an impression!GREENERY

  1. Pot Plants

There is an abundant choice when it comes to artificial potted plants. From Crown Succulents, Agaves, Dracaenas and Arecas to Fiddle Leaf plants. Transform your space by placing your potted plants near a window, on a tabletop, the corner of your couch, your home entrance or on a shelf.  Match your plants with the best pots, as a result, it will enhance its style.  The thought of filling your home with a ton of plants might be daunting, but you don’t have to worry about keeping them all alive when they’re artificial! Feel free to put plants in your home anywhere and everywhere.


Sterling Silver Jewellery, made with Real Flowers

Silk by Design is pleased to present, the award-winning Shrieking Violet Jewellery Collection, to South Africa. Sterling Silver Jewellery made with Real Flowers, is an innovative concept that elegantly pairs the beauty of tiny real flowers, with exquisitely finished sterling silver designs.

Each piece is hand-crafted by expert jewellers using 925 sterling silver & tiny flowers which are encapsulated in resin. The real flowers used are grown by an expert gardener, who keeps a watchful eye on them, tending to them with love until they reach the perfect size, before they are carefully picked, preserved & arranged into gorgeous jewellery that can be worn at all times!

This real flower jewellery collection includes Roses, which make the perfect valentine’s gift, Poppies and beautiful blue Forget-me-nots for remembrance, and four-leaf clovers for luck, amongst a wide range of other flowers.

The jewellery range includes necklaces & pendants, earrings, rings, bracelet, bangles, & cufflinks and comes in a range of shapes and sizes including hearts, tear drops, and simple round and oval designs.

Sterling Silver Jewellery with Real Flowers makes for a unique gift idea for birthdays, mothers-day, or valentines, or even an indulgent personal treat.


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BOTANY Fragrances & Floral Diffusers

Introducing BOTANY Fragrances & Floral Diffusers, a range of beautiful artificial floral arrangements paired with exquisite perfumes.

What is BOTANY?

BOTANY is whimsical, playful and fresh brand, inspired by the rich simplicity of flowers. The BOTANY range of products centres around beautifully packaged floral diffusers and accompanying fragrances for gifting and home.

BOTANY Floral Diffusers are made primarily using high-quality real touch artificial florals, set in water like resin. BOTANY Fragrances are selected and manufactured from high-quality Swiss perfumes and are intended to be sprayed directly onto the floral diffuser arrangements.

BOTANY was created with your home in mind…
The scent of your home is really the first thing someone notices upon walking in the door. The fragrance of your home has become an important element of its design and essential finishing touch to any room and space. Ways to perfume your home have become increasingly important. The BOTANY floral diffuser was created to add not just scent but style to your home, as an alternative to burning or stick diffusers.

BOTANY Fragrances…
The BOTANY range currently has 3 fragrance variations.

Classic Rose, as the name suggests, is the classic rose aroma. If you can imagine a stroll through a rose garden or receiving a beautiful bouquet on valentine’s day, then you will know what we are talking about.

Signature Florals is slightly sweet yet subtle with hints of Lavender & Magnolia. Like a freshly cut bouquet, Signature Florals is delightfully romantic. The airy mix has a playful delicacy combining Lavender’s smooth aroma with the champagne-like sweetness of Magnolia. The floral notes add buoyancy to this blooming aroma.

Last but by no means least, the Oriental Bouquet fragrance is a rich, warm, floral fragrance with spicy undertones, combined with fresh, woody smells of the rainforest. Oriental Bouquet scent is both fascinating and powerful. A burst of this fragrance can change your mood, lift your spirits, relax your mind, set the tone, evoke a long-forgotten memory reminding you of somewhere you visited. It can also make a house feel like your home.

Where can I buy BOTANY?
The BOTANY range is available for sale on the Silk by Design online store and from select retailers.
For wholesale enquiries please contact Silk by Design on


floral fragrance diffuser

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Artificial Plants – Turning brown thumbs green!!!

Did you know that a Cactus, which is a symbol of durability and endurance could actually die?  I didn’t until I killed one myself.  After my sad state of constant plant killing, I was on a mission to change my brown thumbs green with artificial plants.

 So, you heard it first-hand – I am a murderer.  Not in an assassin kind of way, but more in a “I love plants but I just don’t have green fingers.   In fact, I think that plants are beautiful! Especially living in Durban, I appreciate anything green, it provides a very soothing contrast to life’s hustle and bustle. For years, I had bought plants but the only plant that survives under my thumb is an artificial one.

Artificial plants are useful for so many reasons: –

  • It’s great for those with a busy lifestyle
  • It’s even better if you have naughty children like mine
  • There’s no watering
  • There’s no need for sunlight
  • There are no more muddy spills on my expensive furniture, rugs, and floors
  • No weeds or irregular growth
  • It’s great for allergy sufferers
  • Perfect for homes with pets
  • They last a lifetime

Here are some of my favourite plants from Silk By Design:–

  1. Cactus Arrangement
    Artificial Plants
  2. Areca Palm Arrangement

Artificial Plants

3.  Boston Fern Arrangement

Artificial Plants

4. Cross Leaf Arrangement

Artificial Plants

5. Mother-in-law Tongue

Artificial Plants

Silk By Design provides the most amazing plants.  From Aloes to rose trees. The quality and visual appeal of artificial plants and trees have dramatically improved with recent development. When I was first introduced to artificial plants I couldn’t even tell the difference.  Artificial plants allow you to enjoy its beauty and you don’t have to worry about rushing home from a long tiring day at work to water and care for them.  If you have a busy lifestyle or travel often, then artificial plants are perfect for you.  Looking for the perfect plant to suit your style – Shop online


Roberta Govender – Silk By Design Marketing (Don’t worry, I’m not one of the florists)

Looking to relocate or know of someone who is?

Are you looking to relocate but worried about financial sustainability abroad? SilkSense has the perfect match for you.

SilkSense offers an opportunity to buy a complete turn-key business package, backed by over 20 years of industry experience, in the beautiful field of corporate silk flower rentals.

The concept of a SilkSense distributorship is to rent premium silk floral arrangements to corporate clients and affluent home-owners, on a contractual basis. A service is then provided by exchanging these arrangements on a regular basis providing the customer with “fresh” floral arrangements at all times.

This concept stems from a need for a cost effective, clean, allergy free, consistent, and most importantly beautiful alternate to live flower arrangements for offices, homes, and other public spaces. Where live flowers are expensive and require a lot of time & effort to maintain consistently, silk flower arrangements provide an equal and often better look at a fraction of the cost of similar live flowers.

As a result of the state’s infrastructure, many South Africans have been forced to relocate.  Load shedding, corrupt government officials, e-tolls, crime, safety and security, the decline in our living standards and quality of life are just some of the issues we have to deal with.  SilkSense distributorship has created an opportunity to start a distributorship anywhere in the world. This helps to create a better future for our children.  Some of the key benefits our distributors share with us include:

  • Higher than Average Salary
  • Better Career Prospects
  • Improved Work-Life Balance
  • Shorter Commuting Times
  • More Relaxed Pace of Life

Contact SilkSense for more information –




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In conversation with Susan McNair – Founder of Silk By Design

1. Hi Sue, please tell me a little about yourself?

I was born and raised in Durban and now live in Cowie’s Hill with my husband of 33 years. I have 2 adult sons, who I’m proud to say now work alongside me at Silk by Design.  I am generally a busy body and I’ve always found that I am most content when I’m working.  I started out working at a young age doing odd jobs, such as cashing at the local drive-inn, working in a hairdressing salon (really showing my age here), and then after school, I worked in the bank for several years before I stopped work to start my family.

When I was ready to get back to work, I set up a business with a partner in an interior decorating concern which took me on the path to where I am today at Silk by Design. I have a passion and an eye for beautiful things.  I love to travel and feel my best in natural surroundings.


2. Tell me a little about career growth?

Once I completed school, I had the opportunity of joining the world of banking – United Building Society (Absa).  I was always determined to make something out of my life and worked my way up to a departmental manager before deciding to start a family and so took some time off to have and nurture my two boys.

During my time at home, I started to develop a passion for home decor and interiors.  I met a young girl who had very similar interest to me and we decided to go into business together and started an Interior decorating business called Garland Interiors. The business was successful, but we felt that we needed something more which led us to look for a business that involved offering a product rather than a service.  It was then that we purchased an artificial tree importing business selling artificial trees to traders, decorators and retailers and which proved to be very successful.


3. How did Silk by Design come along?

After a few years in the tree business, my partner decided to relocate.  Around that time, I started traveling to international trade fairs and discovered the world of beautiful artificial silk flowers.  I found that there was a market for these flowers in South Africa and not long after we started importing loose stems and began producing and designing our own amazing arrangements and building the Silk by Design business that exists today. At that time there were very few people in SA doing high-quality silk flowers and we quickly became market leaders.  Since those early days, we have always strived to produce the best quality arrangements.  Product quality has always been number one.  I always say that I buy with my heart and not my head.





4. How did you develop your signature style?

I didn’t start out with a specific style in mind but just created what felt natural. Influences I’ve picked up on my travels as well as through following interior design trends is where most of my inspiration comes from. I will have an idea in my head, and with the help of our head florist Albertina, we bring that idea to life.  Flowers tell you what they should look like and how they should be arranged.


5. What are some of your achievements?

One of my greatest achievement would be growing Silk By Design for the past 21 years. It has now grown to a family business where my sons have become part and parcel of it, which is something I’m really proud of.  It is also pleasing to see our designs displayed on TV or featured in a magazine. I get pure satisfaction from hearing great comments about our products we have been compared to some influential designers.


6. What challenges have you faced with running Silk By Design?

Business, in general, is a challenge and running a business in South Africa has it own unique set of challenges but I’ve found that by staying level-headed at all times, being diligent and hard-working, staying focused and being proactive, most challenges can be overcome.


7. On a lighter note, what is your favourite flower?

I love big, wild-looking arrangements that look as if they have just been picked from the garden.  If I had to choose a specific flower, however, I would choose our latest real touch roses.  They are so imperfectly – perfect.

8. Do you ever keep fresh flowers at home?

Hardly ever.  There are some rare occasions when I mix long lasting fresh flowers with silk ones to confuse my guests.


9. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from my travels, natural surroundings, magazines, and when all else fails Pinterest.


10. What drives you to work every day?

I love working at Silk By Design. The truth is that flowers have become a significant part of my life, and I feel lost without them.  Success is also a huge factor, and success can only come from hard work and diligence.


11. Do you support women in business and if so, why?

Yes! Women have a lot to offer and I believe when you support women in business you are creating a chain of confidence amongst women. Women in business inspire other women, teenagers, and little girls to make something out of their lives. It gives them a sense of self-confidence and determination.  Silk By Design’s sister company SilkSense, which is a silk flower rental business was created to give aspiring entrepreneurs, and especially women entrepreneurs, an opportunity to extend their wings and become their own bosses. This distributorship business model has been built around the needs of women, and has proven to be successful.




12. What have you learned from running your own business?

Ultimately, I have learned to stick around for the long term.  I have made mistakes and learned from them and business has taught me to never give up.  You will always face hurdles and hoops and when you think you at your lowest, in a matter of time things always turn around for the good.  I am humbled to be in the position that I am and believe there are new things to learn every day.


13. How do you deal with moments of self-doubt?

I have always tried to remain positive in any situation.  Having a positive mindset in business is very important and I believe that it is because of my positive attitude that I can take on any challenge.  When self-doubt creeps in I find a positive thought to snap me out of it.  I always use the analogy of taking a very long walk.  When stopping halfway, tired and in pain, there is nothing else you can do to get to the end other than getting up and walking the rest of the way to your destination.


14. What is your favourite place in the whole world?

Besides home, I love Hong Kong. I have been there many times over the years and never get tired of the vibrancy and colour of the place, the surroundings or people.  I just love sitting at Victoria Harbour watching the festivities and immersing myself in the culture of the people.


Silk By Design


15. What advice would you give younger aspiring entrepreneurs?

Stay focused, determined, positive and maintain a growth mind-set. Education never stops, be opened to learning something new every day and upskilling oneself.



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Why you should consider using silk flowers for your wedding!

Ever considered silk flowers for your wedding? On the morning of my big day,  I sat at the hairdresser getting my hair curled, when my mother had called me anxiously to let me know that all the flowers we’d purchased for the wedding had dried-up and died. My mother had carefully followed the florist instruction, yet they had withered and died in the bathroom of our home. The wedding was in 7 hours. My father and mother frantically searched to find enough flowers in Durban to make seven decent bouquets, seven boutonnieres, and twenty centerpieces.  Before my wedding, I would have never given Silk Flowers a second thought. It’s the Flower Incident as I call it, that changed my whole perception of silk flowers.

In addition to the fact that Silk By Design produces quality, designer floral arrangements,  there are many benefits to choosing silk flowers for your special day. From stress levels to budgets and decor, here are reasons why you should consider choosing silk flowers for your wedding.

Consider Silk Flowers for Your wedding

  1. You can arrange silk flowers for your wedding ahead of time

We’d forgive you for feeling just a little overwhelmed when you have your wedding venue to set up as well as get ready on your big day. Give yourself a relaxing morning that you deserve.  Plan and set-up your wedding venue in advance. Silk By Design will help create your wedding arrangements to perfection so you need not worry about your flowers wilting in your marquee’s warmth.  They will not fade or crumble. Artificial flowers could all be arranged weeks in advance into vases and vessels, making the last few days ahead of the big one much happier.

With so many decisions to be made, it may take months to plan your wedding day. And as the day comes, levels of stress may rise. Choosing silk wedding bouquets is an easy choice because you can buy them days or even months in advance and stay stress-free in the knowledge that before your actual wedding they will not wilt.

Consider Silk Flowers for Your wedding

  1. You can choose from a wide selection of silk flowers for your wedding

Silk By Design offers a wide range of flowers for your wedding decor. From wedding bouquets, centerpieces, table tops, buttonholes to isle arrangements and flower walls. Silk flowers allow the bridal couple to choose their favourite flowers that suit their decor and set-up. In addition, we offer many silk flower arrangements that can be displayed at your wedding venue to create the desired atmosphere.  SilkSense distributors offer silk flower rentals for your wedding.

Consider Silk Flowers for Your wedding


  1. They can become keepsakes of your day

If you choose a fresh bouquet and want to keep it after the wedding, you will face the challenge of perfectly preserving them. Since you soon will be jetting off to your honeymoon destination, there is very little time to accomplish this type of tasks. You can simply wrap your silk flower bouquet in protective paper and store them in a box, forming a lasting memorial of your perfect day without half the fuss.

Consider Silk Flowers for Your wedding

  1. There is very little to clean up afterward if you use silk flowers for your wedding

While a wedding is a happy occasion, there’s always the chore of cleaning up. Unlike fresh flowers, silk flowers for your wedding do not wilt.  You won’t have to clear it’s petals from the floor. Just pick up your arrangements and go.

Consider Silk Flowers for Your wedding

  1. No wilting and dying

Silk wedding flowers have the advantage of not wilting. Artificial flowers are something to consider if you have a warm-weather wedding. Silk Flowers are not going to freeze in cold weather as well. These flowers are perfect because they are lightweight. Silk Flower arrangements make it easier to handle and carry especially if you add delicate flowers to your arrangement. These flowers don’t need watering and are much longer lasting. You should consider including Silk Flowers for your wedding, to eliminate the stress of worrying about the delivery of your perfectly pictured flowers.

Consider Silk Flowers for Your wedding

  1. Allergies

With silk flowers, the bride and her bridal party will have no worries about allergies to fresh flowers.  You may include silk flower scents to your artificial flowers to smell like fresh flowers.  This will prevent those who suffer from allergies to sneeze.  This is why choosing silk flowers for your wedding is perfect for those who suffer from allergies etc.

Consider Silk Flowers for Your wedding

Flowers are a key element to any wedding decor. There are plenty of advantages in choosing silk flowers, for your wedding arrangements and bouquets. View Silk By Design customs page or visit our showroom.  We will help make your big day that much more special.

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